Tropical Traveller loves finding out what visitors adore about Saint Lucia. Here is what some had to say about our little piece of paradise.

George Campbell – England

What brings you to Saint Lucia?

My boss owns a mega yacht stationed at the Rodney Bay Marina and my crew and I are getting the yacht ready for him as he jumps on board in one month. But we’re also here to have a good time and enjoy Saint Lucia to the fullest and so far we’re off to a great start!

What have you done on the island?

It’s my first time in Saint Lucia. My crew and I went to the street party in Gros Islet and it was an amazing experience! There was great music playing all night and we did a lot of dancing. The Lucian rum ‘Chairman’s Reserve’ mixed with coke goes down really nice! I had bakes for the first time – hot yet nonetheless mouth watering – really good. We loved it and had a great night. We also scoped out Pigeon Island; it was beautiful! We hiked up Fort Rodney and the view was stunning. Oh, and the breeze made it a whole lot more refreshing. I can’t wait to see what else Saint Lucia has to offer!

If you got the opportunity to move to Saint Lucia would you?

Well, I arrived not too long ago but yes, there is a possibility I would. The weather is fantastic and the people are wonderful! I enjoy sitting at the Boardwalk Bar in the marina for a couple of drinks and smokes to unwind after a hard day’s work. I could see myself as an island man. But, like I said, I’m here for one month and I can’t wait to explore Saint Lucia – I think it’s a beautiful island!

Greg Webster – Barbados

What brings you to Saint Lucia?

I’m here to race in the Mango Bowl Regatta. I’m racing in the J24 division and the name of my boat is Phoenix.

Have you participated in the Mango Bowl Regatta before?

I’ve been here twice before so this is my third year. I think the last time I was here was in 2013.

How do you like the organization of the event and Saint Lucia?

In general the organization of the event has always been fantastic. The St Lucia Yacht Club combined with the IGY Rodney Bay Marina has always been great to us. We really love coming to the marina because of all the restaurants which serve amazing food. The accommodation has always provided excellent service and is easy to find.

Where are you staying?

This year we’re staying on a boat we chartered, right in the marina, mainly to be closer to the action, and it’s convenient. We really enjoy coming to this regatta because we link up with so many friends from Trinidad, Grenada and Saint Lucia that we love to hang out with. The atmosphere and camaraderie is amazing.

Thomas + Aman Kaus – U.S.A

What have you done so far during your time in Saint Lucia?

We went to the drive-in-volcano; it was awesome! We couldn’t believe we could get so close to a volcano! We also did the mud baths. Oh my gosh! After, our skin was as soft as a baby’s. The sulphur made us feel so fresh. We also did a couple days at Sugar Beach, which was different compared to other islands we’ve been to; the service was superb and the breakfast was delicious! We also did a private sunset cruise.

Are there any places or restaurants you would like to recommend?

For a really good look-out view we would recommend Ladera Resort. We even got some dessert and cocktails; we loved it. The view really is amazing. I would also recommend Mango Tree restaurant at Stonefield. It was awesome, and the pumpkin soup is to die for!

What do you like about Saint Lucia and are there any experiences you would like to share?

The vibe is very different to the other Caribbean islands we’ve been to; it’s more laid back, more island time. It’s a beautiful island and relaxed. I would say, when you have a ferry booked, be on time! Haha. But we like Saint Lucia; it’s different.