Tropical Traveller is truly The Heartbeat of Saint Lucia and we’ve shared that love for our island with hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world!

Even though we’re now on magazine issue #292, our team of travel reporters are always discovering something new—be it aerial night photography over the Pitons or exploring the flavors of Caribbean-inspired cuisine.

Since our first issue back in 1980, TT has been the recipient of numerous hospitality awards and voted the best tourism publication on the island; we like to say that We Take Fun Seriously!
Tropical Traveller is hosting an amateur photo competition that’s taking place on our official Instagram page: @tropicaltraveller_saintlucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most picturesque travel destinations in the world, serving as the backdrop for hundreds of thousands of selfies every year. In 2014, Saint Lucia clocked more than 300,000 visitors to its shores. If each of those travellers snapped 3 photos each, that’s almost a million vacation snapshots in that year alone!

The photo submission contest will be comprised entirely of user-generated-content, and only photos taken by amateur photographers will be considered. Photo submissions should be sent to or use #TropicalTraveller on your Instagram photos.

The first prize will be the winner’s photo on the cover of the next Tropical Traveller’s issue and other prizes are soon to be announced!