Saint Lucia offers plenty of activities and fun out at sea. Opportunities on land are equally numerous but there’s an unspoken magical dimension where earth meets water. Nothing beats the thrill and adventure of waterfall-chasing deep in the heart of the island, so intrepid Team TT explorers did just that! Our inexpensive, self-guided escapade was invigorating and memorable.

Our day out meant a drive down the east coast of the island. Our first stop in the morning was in Dennery for the Errard/Sault Falls. They are not signposted but, after asking for directions from helpful residents, we entered the road leading to the Treetop Adventures attraction (it’s marked by a Treetop billboard). Then we asked one of the guides at that location for more directions: we just had to follow the road a bit further.

Sault/Errard Falls is not run as a commercial venture; visiting it is an independent unguided adventure. There’s a trail to the falls starting from a small, wooden security booth. We were informed that the path had been checked that morning for snakes and, as none had been spotted, it was apparently safe to continue! We walked along the trail for five minutes then stepped across rocks embedded in a low, clear-watered stream. After an easy climb over a few smooth, flat, large rocks, we encountered the waterfall standing majestically on the other side of a large pool. This gem of a spot is surrounded by lush, rainforest greenery, and the only sound is from the cascading water. It’s easy to cross the shallow pool in order to stand under the showers and feel the water pulsating into your skin – bliss! The falls and surroundings are just begging to be photographed. Thankfully we had our cameras but we regretted not taking along food as it’s the ideal place for a picnic. Whilst we were delighted to experience the falls, our advice is to visit this isolated area in large numbers especially as there is no ’phone reception there .

Next stop was the beautiful and serene Mamiku Botanical Gardens situated between the villages of Praslin and Mon Repos – easy to find from signage on the main highway. The combination of a walking trail, magnificent viewpoint, manicured gardens, a herbal medicinal garden and historical artifacts, as well as Brigands Bar for a drink and a snack, makes this location perfect for a family outing. Flowers and plants of different sizes, colours and appearance make Mamiku Gardens our local Garden of Earthly Delights.

La Tille Waterfall, slightly north of Mamiku Gardens, might just be the most talked-about on the island, with good reason too. Feelei, a kindred Rastaman, awaits visitors at the top of the earthen stairs that lead to the waterfall. He has a few handcrafted items on sale and will recommend that you try the fish pedicure (so do we!) La Tille Waterfall is sheltered by close-knit overhead vegetation; trees and vines all around keep the atmosphere cool. Its waters are cold and fall heavily onto the rocks and into the pool – perfect for an all-natural back massage. We loitered there for a couple of hours, revelling in the refreshing water, the clean air and the charm – it was as if we had stepped into a mythical world.

After an afternoon at La Tille, having been rendered totally relaxed, we vowed to return for more of nature’s beauty and her spa treatments. Maybe we’ll bump into you next time as we sure hope that waterfall- and garden-hopping in Saint Lucia is something you’ll try out.

Mamiku Botanical Gardens

Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. seven days a week (excluding Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day)