Cocktails are synonymous with the Caribbean but not everyone is old enough to drink alcohol. Besides, a virgin cocktail can be just as refreshing for grown-ups, and a tad healthier. Razmataz on the Rodney Bay strip guarantees a curry-hot welcome for youngsters, especially as owner Sue Wright is a grandmother (and a glamourous one at that!) and chef Dependra Bahadur K.C. is the proud father of two charming children. World-famous for its tandoori cuisine, Razmataz is happy to cater for kids by preparing items not listed on the menu. Ask about the freshly-made chicken nuggets and chips or fish fillet and fries. (Yes, we know that fries and British chips are the same food but we couldn’t resist the alliteration!) Chef can even whip up a mild coconut curry sauce suitable for a younger palate.

The Strawberry Scorpion, as prepared at Razmataz, is so eye-catching and tasty that our teenage tester ordered two! (There we go again!) And she was in her element with the bright decor: Asian-style drapes, cushions, lamps, statuettes, plus music, wind chimes and incense, all topped off with super-friendly service.


1 Banana

4ozs Coconut Cream

1 oz Milk

1 oz Strawberry Syrup


Put all the ingredients into a blender. Add ice. Remember to place the lid on top then press the button to whiz it all together.

Garnish with a maraschino cherry and slice of banana (with skin).

If under 18 – pretend that you are drinking the most exotic and alcoholic cocktail in the world and act real cool!