[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving very little experience with horses, deciding to jump on the back of one was a slightly intimidating thought so can I now admit choosing North Point Riding Stables was the right thing to do. We met the owner of North Point, Marlon Trezelle, at Pigeon Island and he took us to the stables in Cap Estate. Getting out of the car we walked over to our horses grazing under the tree, two mares names Angel and Jade. After explaining all the safety precautions, there was no more hesitating and we gingerly climbed on.

Our guide was Marlon’s son, Randall, who was so at ease on his horse it envious made us. Randall took us out on the road and had us cut across the golf course (not on the green for all you golf lovers!). On the field, I couldn’t help but have flash backs to all the movies I had seen where the heroine was galloping across the plains, her hair streaming behind her with the rhythmic thumping of the horse’s hoofs on the ground. I briefly thought of attempting to mimic that scene when reason jumped up and asked me what I thought I was doing, this being my first time on a horse in about twenty years. So I remained firmly saddled and enjoyed the gentle sway of Jade under me.

We were trying to catch up to a group ahead of us so Randall showed us how to get our horses to trot . . . no go for Jade and Angel. They were incredibly content to go at their own pace, straining their necks every now and again to munch on some grass. On the road, I was cautious when cars passed, but horse and driver knew what to do so there were no close calls.

Passing through the trails, we came across spectacular views of a small lake, the hillsides and the sea. At one point we passed a dog peering over a wall, as if he were expecting us. We got to the top of a hill and were greeted with a 180˚ view of Cas En Bas beach – a perfect photo op. On the beach, we dismounted and were able to sit and by the bar while our horses rested.

One of our companions owned horses in the USA; she and our guide took off at a full gallop down the beach, demonstrating impressive skill. We then took the horses into the water, an obviously enjoyable activity for the animals. We were also treated with Saint Lucian Olympian Beth Lygoe performing her acrobatic kite surfing in the bay. Way too soon it was time to set off for home.


  • Wear sunscreen! Even if the day starts out cloudy, the sun may come out and that last thing you need is to get sunburnt
  • Bring swimwear! You don’t want to miss out on being in the water with the horse