Worldwide the month of October is recognized for Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. While both are observed in Saint Lucia, for the past 32 years the true essence of this month has been Creole Heritage. The culture of the island is influenced by a kaleidoscope of different nationalities, tribes, races and ways of life, and while culture continuously evolves, Creole Heritage Month is our effort to celebrate where we came from and how far we’ve come. We celebrate with language, clothing and most of all: food! Throughout the month we try to practice our Patois; a dialect rooted in Saint Lucia’s French and British colonial history. Also, you may notice plenty of outfits made with colorful plaid (Madras). That’s because over the past few years, Creole Month attire has evolved from the full-fledged National Wear and Wòb Dwiyèt to outfits of accentuated madras or traditional floral prints. Finally, the “Lucians’ ” favorite part of Creole Heritage Month is the tasty foods prepared with only local, fresh ingredients using the methods and recipes of our ancestors. The last Sunday of October is Jounen Kwéyòl or Creole Day, when you can experience Saint Lucian heritage in all it’s splendor.

See below for our Creole Heritage Month activity calendar: