In Part 3 of his Caribbean surfing expedition, pro surfer Arthur Bourbon and his crew trekked to Saint Lucia on their third stop after first visiting our tropical neighbors Dominica and Martinique. Saint Lucia and rest of the West Indies aren’t typically known as surf destinations, but luckily Bourbon was able to link up with a group of local surfers who introduced the crew to their local spots. Check out Arthur’s page for more mesmerizing videos of the Caribbean Sea!

Well, now we know if you’re considering a vacation in Saint Lucia you might as well pack your surfboards! The visuals in Arthur’s videos captured the essence of life in the Caribbean. Aside from the gorgeous shots of Pigeon Island and Smuggler’s Cove, we loved the narrator’s quote about travelling to some of the coastal villages is like taking a step back into to a more simple time. 

Have you surfed in Saint Lucia before? Let us know some of your favorite spots!