Tropical Traveller loves finding out what visitors adore about Saint Lucia. Here is what some had to say about our little piece of paradise.

John Fredericks, Ohio

What have you been doing on the island so far?

Today we’ve only done SNUBA at Pigeon Island as we’re here just for the day. We came on a cruise ship.

Lovely! How was SNUBA?

Oh, it was incredible! We saw so much sea life – lobsters, eels, puffer fish – it was really beautiful down there. The guides were great, very informative and helpful. They really made the experience that much better for my family and myself.

That sounds fantastic! Would you recommend SNUBA to other visitors to Saint Lucia?

For sure, 100%! I’ve done SNUBA in other countries, but in Saint Lucia the staff and marine life make it so much more enjoyable. My sister and her family went to the Pitons today, but we have no regrets choosing to do SNUBA. It really was a fantastic experience. We also climbed up to the fort and our SNUBA guide was kind enough to give is a land-base tour as well!

Would you come back to St. Lucia?

I definitely will! It’s a gorgeous island and there is so much to do! One day isn’t enough to spend here; we’ll need at least a week!

Susan Larrieu, New Jersey

How do you like the island so far?

I love the island! It’s nice, people are friendly and it’s not overpopulated which I love. The scenery here is beautiful and the people are so welcoming.

What activities have you done?

I’ve been to Sugar Beach in Soufrière, the IGY Marina, the Landings and Pigeon Island. I’ve also been shopping in the Castries markets and the Gros Islet fish fry on a Friday night.

What would you recommend?

Visit Sugar Beach! It’s right in between the Pitons so it has spectacular views; there really isn’t anything else like it. Also, Gros Islet on a Friday evening is amazing! The food and music make it such a lively place. If you go, the lambi and the catch of the day are so delicious. It’s best to go early before all the good food is gone though!

Will you be back?

Most definitely! I love it. Saint Lucia is such gem and I might even move here!

Michele & Stephen Smith, U. K.

What do you like about Saint Lucia?

There is an excellent marina that’s great for us in our yacht. The standards at the IGY Marina are high, and they’ve created an environment that really welcomes visitors. All the restaurants have marvelous food and it’s such a great place for families.

Why was Saint Lucia your chosen destination?

It’s a beautiful island with beautiful people but we love it mostly because of the marina. We usually sail in between Grenada and Antigua but, without a doubt, Saint Lucia is definitely one of our favourite islands.

What restaurants do you like best?

Rituals Sushi and Zaika in the Marina and Blue Olive in Rodney Bay are great! The teriyaki chicken and then rainbow rolls at Rituals Sushi are so delicious! Zaika serves Indian food and we love their chicken tika masala. Blue Olive is our favourite restaurant outside of the marina, the atmosphere is fantastic and the food is so tasty!

Have you had any fun experiences so far?

Yes, we went down to the Pitons in Soufrière as well as the mud baths, which were really cool – the mud left our skin feeling so soft! The volcano and the botanical gardens are fantastic! Getting that close to a volcano is thrilling and the botanical gardens are just gorgeous. Those are some really great activities to do with the family.