Admit it, the down right stunning photos of Saint Lucia are one of the reasons you’re interested in our island, right? Well, we have a confession to make . . . those pictures don’t do our splendid landscape justice; it’s so much better to the naked eye. Most of our settlements and roads line the coast or dot the hillsides making it almost compulsory to catch a daily glimpse of the sea or some other breath-taking view. However, at Tropical Traveller we certainly have our favourites:

Moule-a-Chique Viewpoint and Lighthouse – Vieux Fort

The panorama from Moule-a-Chique in Vieux Fort is remarkable. Accessible by vehicle, a friendly local would be happy to offer direction up the hill. At the top, the 360˚ view takes your breath away. Facing north, the entire southern end of the island is visible including Hewanorra International Airport. Marvel at the Atlantic Ocean to your right and the Caribbean Sea to your left. Face south and the vastness of the channel between Saint Lucia and St. Vincent will leave you in awe. On a clear day, you may just be able to make out our neighbouring island.

Mount Pimard – Rodney Bay

Mount Pimard rises tall at the end of Reduit Beach in the north of the island. Trails swirl over the surface of the hill, leading to wonderful viewpoints created for Segway tours, run by Lucian Style. You’d think the most popular point would be at the top but, nope! It’s one a little lower down. Facing the north of the island is a birds-eye view of Rodney Bay from Pigeon Island to the base of Mount Pimard. The clearing is padded with grass (perfect for picnics!), surrounded by trees and a wooden railing at the precipice-like edge which allows you to safely gaze at the sparkling waters beneath without toppling over.

(Photos provided by Lucian Style)

Morne Fortune – Castries

Mourne Fortune, better known as “The Mourne”, has a number of esteemed establishments such as the Governor General’s residence and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. In our humble opinion the views are even more impressive! Morne Fortune, which means Hill of Good Luck, is famous for its vantage point overlooking Saint Lucia’s capital and northwest of the island. One stop on the roadside below the Governor General’s residence was built up to give post card perfect pictures. The most exceptional view you may have to share with students. On the campus of Sir Arthur Community College is a hilltop that simply amazes the viewer. Classes are held in the remnants of military bases that overlook the Castries city, mountains, skies and the sea.

Fort Rodney – Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Landmark is rich in history, artifacts and scenery: something to appeal to everyone, especially if you’re pirate lover like us! However, the true magic lies at the top of Fort Rodney. This for is short hike up a paved walk and staircase. Aside from the views, the two cannons, dungeon and other remnants from French and British battles are incredible! On a clear, blue-skied day you will be able to see the hills of Martinique outlined on the northern horizon. The southern view is just as thrilling with a marvelous, aerial view of Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay and the mountainous interior of the island. If you’re game for a more adventurous hike there is another hill connected to Fort Rodney by a land saddle. As with most trails in Saint Lucia, the views are well worth the exertion.

Great View – Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is one of the most famous sites in Saint Lucia. This idyllic bay was the setting for the 1967 movie, Dr. Dolittle. It’s entirely eccentric with beautiful beaches, hidden restaurants, luxurious resorts and magical mangroves. The best spot to capture it all is at the Great View. It’s a sheltered platform on the roadside and overlooks Marigot Bay and its surrounding hills, creating an enchanting preview before going down to the water. Eats, drinks and souvenirs are available at this site, making it a refreshing resting place if you’re on a day long island tour.

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