Tropical Traveller loves finding out what visitors adore about Saint Lucia. Here is what some had to say about our little piece of paradise.

Cliff Broom, UK

Is this your first time visiting?

No, I’ve been to Saint Lucia before and I love it! I work for Virgin Atlantic and I’ve been here many times for work. I was so taken with the island that I even brought my family back with me.

Where did you stay?

We’ve stayed at the BodyHoliday, Le Sport and were really impressed by it. When I’m here for work, we stay at the Royal St. Lucian, by Rex Resorts. It’s perfect because it’s right on the beach.


Are there any activities you like doing?

I don’t do any more water sports but the kids love windsurfing and jet skiing. I prefer to relax on the beach and then enjoy the spa facilities.

What else do you love about Saint Lucia and would you come back?

There’s a charm about the island that you don’t get in more developed countries. The simplicity is such a welcome break that I look forward to whenever I’m here. I’ll definitely be back and not just for work either!


Hulya Waite, Turkey

How long are you spending on the island?

I’ve spent two weeks in wonderful Saint Lucia.

What were your favourite things to do on the island?

Saint Lucia is a spectacular island. I enjoyed visiting a different beach each day of my stay. Horseback riding was a unique experience; I loved going in the sea while on the horse.

A catamaran tour is a must. The island has a lot to offer and the catamaran tour is a great way to enjoy the sight of the Pitons and the beautiful bays such as Marigot Bay.  It’s also a good way to learn about the island’s history while relaxing in the sun.

And then there is the world’s only drive-in volcano, which was an amazing experience; it has to be my favourite thing I did in Saint Lucia. I would recommend visiting the volcano at the start of your holiday and indulging in a mud bath to prepare your skin for the sun. Overall, it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

Would you recommend Saint Lucia to other visitors?

Definitely! The Caribbean is beautiful, but Saint Lucia has many unique features such as the volcano and Pitons which make it a more desirable destination.

Will you come back to Saint Lucia?

I would love to! Even though Saint Lucia is a relatively small island I feel as though there is more to it than I explored. Many more beaches and bays to go to, fishing villages to visit and the mighty waterfalls I did not get a chance to see. I normally try not to travel to the same holiday destinations twice; however, Saint Lucia has to be an exception!


Patricia and Harry Pitt, U. K.

How long have you been in Saint Lucia?

Patricia: A month. We leave soon though. We had our 50th wedding anniversary here.

Wow! Congratulations! That’s a huge achievement!

Harry: It is an achievement, in fact it’s bordering on a miracle!

Patricia: This is our third time on the island and we absolutely love it here. We’ve stayed at Coco Palm each time. The staff is so friendly and the beach is within walking distance.

What do you usually do while you’re here?

Patricia: Kurt, who works at the bar, took us out on one of the Catamarans. We thought we knew the entire island but we obviously didn’t. There was quite a lot to see. We usually enjoy going on the beach and talking to the locals.

Harry: Yes! We had a great day recently; we organised a cricket match with a bunch of kids and it was fantastic! They were there for a swimming lesson but I ended up distracting them and we had a marvelous time playing.

Patricia: Yes, there was a young boy who was quite precocious. He came, sat on the sunbed with me and said he knew how to use the iPad I was using. He even ended up showing Harry how to use it. Turns out he was only five! These are the experiences we really enjoy.

How lovely! Would you recommend Saint Lucia to other people?

Harry: Oh, she does!

Patricia: Yes, I do. It’s a wonderful place and I always enjoy my time here.