La Tille Falls

There is something beautifully tranquil about waterfalls. It may be the sound of the water cascading down and hitting the rocks or the reflections of the surrounding greenery in the pools below. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the peacefulness of these oases, and Saint Lucia has plenty of them. The La Tille Falls and Gardens in Micoud offers the perfect spots to sit, relax and soak in nature’s splendor.

A forty-minute drive from the island’s capital, Castries, and ten minutes away from Vieux Fort, La Tille Falls is a five-minute trek off the main road through acres of banana fields. A gentleman named John, also known as Seelie (pronounced see-lie), keeps the grounds in lovely condition. Colourful flowers blossom and there is a delightful hammock hung under a tree that invites you to lie back and contemplate how wonderful life can be. The reception area, where you pay the entrance fee, has an array of homemade, wooden furniture that adds to the rusticity of La Tille.   

A short walk down several stairs and you’re greeted with the tranquil and serene scene of the falls. Surrounded by sheer rock walls of approximately 25 feet, you’ll find yourself in a setting of lush, ethereal beauty. Now that you’ve come all this way, it’s time to get in – brace yourself though, the water is chilly and invigorating. Although not as strong as other waterfalls, the water at La Tille Falls is strong enough to massage your muscles, melting away any stresses and worries. The icy crispness seizes your breath, but only for a moment, and soon you’ll be smiling and feeling totally refreshed.

Depending on the rainfall, the pools can be crystal clear (no rain) or slightly murky (rain). However, neither takes away the cleanness and revitalising nature of the water. Take a dip – or a soak – and come out feeling like a new person.

Thought you were done? Think again! There is a river several minutes walk down from the main waterfalls. If that doesn’t catch your fancy then treat yourself to a pedicure pond! Close to the reception area is a small pond filled with fish that nibble away at the dead skin of your feet, leaving them feeling like you’ve just walked out from a spa. A bamboo ledge offers you seating as you dangle your feet in and let the little (and not so little) guys go to work – it takes but a few seconds to have them swarming to feast. Whether you decide to make the trip solo or in a group, La Tille Falls is perfect to relax and enjoy the serenity of nature or spend quality time with friends. Anyone prone to tickles should be prepared to laugh during the pedicure pampering but don’t be put off – the experience is well worth the uncontrollable giggles.

La Tille Falls is a place of hidden secrets because there is one more delight to see. Seelie has been working on a small project – a guesthouse! This one-bedroom, cottage is intricately made from wood and features an outdoor tub. Tucked away on the property, guests can stay overnight, wake up and have the most refreshing shower in the waterfalls!

Visitors to La Tille Falls will walk away feeling calmer and more relaxed than they walked in; in our book that’s certainly a plus. So whether you’re a visitor to our beautiful island or a local who needs to get away for an afternoon, go to La Tille Falls – it’s one for the memories.