Jam Down to Parang!

Christmas is de bess time of de year! There is an undeniable energy in Saint Lucia during the yuletide season. Everyone is jolly, hopping from house to house, eating, drinking and being 100% merry. No Christmas season would be complete without the music to put you in the mood and, for many Saint Lucians, it’s parang music. Originating in Trinidad and Tobago, parang – with its catchy beat – has made its way to our island and can be heard blaring from many households. It may be a far cry from what most people imagine Christmas music to be, but many Saint Lucians can’t wait to start playing these lively and entertaining tunes to herald in the holidays.

So, be adventurous this season! Mix it up a little and play any of these ‘Christmas carols’ to add an island-style twist to your holidays.

Anita – Scrunter

Yvonne – Crazy

Santa Looking For A Wife – Bindley Benjamin

Christmas St. Lucian Style – The Tru Tones

Ragga Muffin’ Christmas (Wah Boi Christmas ah Come) – Ras

Noel Oh, Noel Oh – Lucian Parrot

It’s Christmas Again – Baron

Our Tradition aka Twadisyon Nou – Pele

Happy Holidays!