One of Saint Lucia’s most versatile fruits, the lime is a key ingredient in many local dishes.

The Spanish brought this little fruit to the Caribbean from the East Indies to combat scurvy and other vitamin C deficiencies among their sailors. Although it’s not native to this region, Caribbean people all over have adopted it so fully into their meals, we couldn’t imagine not having bowls full of lime.

Limes are used to cure uncooked meats, particularly seafood. For freshly caught fish, the only ingredients needed for a flaky, juicy and delicious meal are salt, pepper and lime. When added to whipping cream it ensures firmness and it’s a key ingredient in many cocktails around the island. Not to mention that freshly squeezed limes make for the most amazing squash!

To top it all off, we can’t forget the old wives’ tale: for a bruise or wart that won’t heal, dab on some lime juice, throw the lime over your shoulder and don’t look back. Then presto! Your bruise will fade away!