Blue Lagoon from Coconutz

Blue Lagoon

Coconutz is one of the hottest spots to be on a Friday or Saturday night; the neon lights and pulsating music draw in locals and tourists alike. On the Rodney Bay strip, adjacent to Scotiabank, this bar is centrally located and easy to find, with ample parking. In the early evening it has a nonchalant vibe. Patrons can sit at the bar and enjoy one of many excellent cocktails or feast on the delectable Mexican bites available throughout the night. We can’t forget to mention its four full-sized pool tables, and a dance floor that’s perfect for releasing that foot-tapping energy. It gets better: there are drink specials running until closing time. In this issue of TT, we’re giving you the secret recipe for one of their specials – The Blue Lagoon! This cocktail will definitely help you get the party started.


1 shot of Vodka

1 shot of Blue Curaçao



Build in a highball glass and fill with lemonade. Garnish with a cherry, or orange wedge.