Saint Lucia is known for many things: lush greenery, soaring mountains, yellow- sand beaches, the magnificent Pitons and splendid sunsets. Climb aboard the Black Magic and experience all these with the added pleasure of a friendly crew, delicious food and the good ol’ Saint Lucian rum punch!

Saint Lucian sunsets are hard to ignore – visitors and locals alike frequently stop and stand in awe at the changing skyline: from various shades of blue to fiery orange and red, brilliant pink and violet, and finally to deep indigo. The best way to witness this spectacle is to venture out into the bay on board the Black Magic. This excursion on the schooner, remodeled after a 16th century square rigged galleon, is the perfect way to end your daylight hours.

The Black Magic Pirate Cruise begins at 5 pm promptly, leaving from the IGY Rodney Bay Marina’s boatyard. Landlubbers are asked to arrive at 4:30 and your motley crew will welcome you aboard with a glass of their delicious rum punch for those old enough, or a tasty fruit punch for children. Sailing out of the marina is quite an experience when high on the upper decks. These vantage points are fabulous for peering down into the dark blue waters and seeing the landscape unencumbered.

Slowly making your way out of the marina the vast Caribbean Sea is laid before you and the low sun reflecting on the waters makes for envious photo ops. The crew of the Black Magic, scallywags that they are, frequently make rounds plying guests with their potent complimentary drinks. One five-year-old guest astutely queried the lack of shoes of our friendly pirates, one of whom wittily responded that he was in search of a pair and proceeded to line his foot up with others, searching for a pair that fit!

The Black Magic headed northeast around Pigeon Island. The drinks, reggae music and ambiance had guests relaxing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the sea. We happened to have newlyweds with us and the captain happily had them do a (second) first dance. Soon after, everyone gathered along the starboard side with their phones and camera to capture the splash of colours across the sky as the sun began to sink below the horizon. It was a cloudy evening so while we didn’t have the opportunity to observe the magical green flash, the sky still lit up wonderfully.

Our shoeless crew member (we suspect he is a true scallywag!) began to swing on and off the ship from a rope, delighting all the guests, particularly the children who immediately wanted to try it as well! After this entertainment, yummy hors d’oeuvres were served at 6 p.m. with the accompanying rum punch, of course! Our majestic pirate ship turned around and set sail for home but not before all the guests were asked to come down to the middle deck and dance to ‘Follow the Leader’. Even the most reluctant guests were on their feet waving their hands and twirling away.

Before we knew it, we were back at our berth and had to disembark. As they say – all good things must come to an end!

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