Kirk Elliott Photo Tour Captures True Saint Lucian Essence

Meet Kirk Elliot, one of Saint Lucia’s most prestigious photographers. Kirk’s portfolio is impressive; he’s worked with Sandals Resorts as their wedding photographer for 10 years and currently operates his own photo tour where visitors to Saint Lucia who have a digital camera can get an authentic feel of the island from a master photographer’s viewpoint. Kirk received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015 and 2016. Tropical Traveller sat down with the charismatic photographer to get to know the man behind the lens.

TT: What are your favourite places in Saint Lucia to photograph?

Kirk: I don’t really have a favourite place; you could put me outside right now and I will find amazing things to shoot. I don’t care where I am because my approach is just so different. However, I do have a favourite thing to photograph, which would be the sunsets. I’ve recently been photographing sunsets at Rendezvous that have been beautiful.

TT: You’ve been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence twice now and were nominated for a Luxury Travel Guide Award. How does that feel?

Kirk: You know, it feels wonderful, but if you read through any of the reviews it’s so much more than that. When people contact me for a tour they ask me to explain what it’s about. I start out by asking what camera they use, what they like to shoot pictures of, what level they’re at – beginner, intermediate or advanced. What would they like to learn? There’s a personal connection that takes place. So it feels wonderful to receive the recognition on Trip Advisor but it’s so much more than that – it’s a connection.

TT: Can you tell us about your photo tour?

Kirk: Today, more than ever, before visitors travel they research the destination. When visitors arrive in Saint Lucia, very often they know more about the island than a lot of locals. I’ve found through the photo tours that visitors are most interested in touching the real Saint Lucia. I’ve tailored my tour to fall exactly in line with that – in taking people out and having them feel the pulse of Saint Lucia. It’s not for everyone but it’s for the person who has a camera, which is just about everyone! Saint Lucia’s topographic and scenic beauty combined with the genuine warmth of its people makes it a truly wonderful place to visit. I want visitors to experience authentic Saint Lucia. That’s the essence of what I offer.