Assou Square

January 1st and 2nd

Ring in the New Year with the festivities of Assou Square (meaning on the square). You may know of Christmas Markets, where vendors fill blocked off streets, selling their hand-made crafts, food and drink. Assou Square is a similar concept, where our vendors traditionally filled the Derek Walcott Square in Castries and the masses enjoyed live entertainment, local food and drink, and a variety of trinkets that always attract the kids.

Assou Square has been moved to the John Compton Highway for an open-air bazaar. Saint Lucian folk music, soca and parang fill the air and have people dancing, laughing and enjoying the light-hearted atmosphere. Children are entertained by the rides and games and everyone marvels at the midnight firework display. A significant cultural affair, Assou Square is a wonderful and fascinating experience for visitors and locals alike.

Saint Lucia National Arts Festival

Saint Lucia has a thriving art community with world-class artists such as Sir Derek Walcott, the up-and-coming Jallim Eudovic and the acclaimed Sir Dunstan St. Omer. The Saint Lucia National Arts Festival aims to celebrate, instill and preserve artistic pursuits in the country. With a duration of 6 to 8 weeks of activities centered around local artists in the visual, musical, theatre and literary domains, the festival is a wonderful way to experience the vibrancy of Saint Lucian art in various forms.

The festival usually begins after Nobel Laureate week in January and continues into April. The National Arts Festival aims to create an outlet whereby artists express and excel while also nurturing pride in our nation’s creative pursuits. The festival is directed by the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and includes celebrations of the arts within several communities, visual art exhibitions, classes and then the closing highlights of dance, theatre and literary performances over two nights.

For more information on the National Arts Festival, contact the CDF at 457 9021 or 452 1859, or visit www.cdfstlucia.org.