If you live in Trinidad, why would you travel to another Caribbean destination to get married? Saint Lucia is certainly a beautiful backdrop for a wedding but the fact that Petal and Odane could arrange to be the first couple to tie the knot at the newly-open Royalton Resort and Spa convinced them that this was the place to be.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the Royalton Resort & Spa in Cap Estate took place on Saturday 18th February, 2017. One week later Trinidadian couple Petal and Odane Anderson arrived as guests and on Wednesday 1 March they celebrated their commitment to each other with a wedding ceremony – the first to be held at the resort. Even better for them, the resort did everything it could to make the day perfect for the lovebirds.

Given that this was an auspicious occasion for the resort as well as the couple, Petal and Odane graciously invited TT to the wedding. We wanted to know their story – where, when and how they fell in love. Petal explained that both worked in event planning and had met at a function they both attended in a professional capacity. From that instant they were smitten! They dated, courted and moved in together. There wasn’t any getting down on one knee for a proposal; it did not seem necessary.

Petal described how after seven years of living together, they finally decided to “do things right” and get married. She said it was a simple conversation when they agreed to make this big step – no fanfare, no shrieks of joy – just the knowledge that this was the next natural step in their relationship.

So, how did they wind up in Saint Lucia for their wedding? The duo said that they wanted it to be a Caribbean wedding but not where they live in Trinidad. Petal had her eyes on Grenada, Saint Lucia and the Bahamas and their families spent some time searching for hotels online, looking for something worth the big bucks. Then Petal came across Royalton Saint Lucia. “I just knew it was what I wanted!” she exclaimed during our one-on-one. “I realized that our chosen date was soon after opening so I knew we would be the first wedding there.” The information on the website completely sold her: Royalton Saint Lucia looked beautiful, as it turned out to be, and it was within their budget.

Petal, Odane and some of their family flew from Trinidad just as their own island was gearing up for its Carnival. This was their first visit to Saint Lucia and they were not afraid to admit to TT that they were immediately fascinated with the island and wowed by the resort. The couple said they received a wonderful welcome at Royalton Saint Lucia, being made to feel as if they were VIPs.

Petal and Odane opted for a simple wedding package from Royalton’s Diamond Club but, on the big day, they received so many extra, pleasant surprises such as flowers and drapery, that had not been requested but, nevertheless, the resort supplied. Petal had high praise for Amy, Royalton’s wedding planner, who did everything she could to make the occasion magical and memorable. So impressed with the day were Odane and Petal that they told TT they are already considering a return visit to Royalton Saint Lucia for every anniversary, family event or holiday.

Team TT is ecstatic that you enjoyed it here, Mr. & Mrs. Anderson!