The St. Lucia Kayak Center tours commence in Marigot Bay on the west coast. The first piece of good news is that whether you are staying in a resort or visiting on a cruise ship, pick-ups and returns for locations in the north and west of the island are included. The second bit of good news: kayaking is not difficult and it’s tremendous fun!

Once at Marigot Bay we took the small ferry across to the beach where scenes from the 1967 movie ‘Dr. Doolittle’ with Rex Harrison were filmed. Do you remember the Great Pink Sea Snail? It all happened here! At the Dive Fair Helen shop we suited up with life jackets, waterproof phone holders, bottled water and sunscreen. Andre, our guide, gave a thorough briefing on the different types of paddles and the correct way to use them. He made it clear there was no rush and that we should go at a speed we found comfortable. We were all set to go!

Starting off from the sandpits, we cruised deeper into the bay, close to the mangroves. Andre was full of information about the mangrove colonies, algae and underwater life. As we kayaked out into the open sea, we came across a small, secluded beach, mini caves and a stunning loud blowhole – that was cool! Rounding the corner, our eyes were assaulted by the beautiful sight of a lengthy beach with an abundance of coconut trees and an array of saplings; the sunlight glistened on the sand, inviting us ashore.

The waves took over and carried us onto the shoreline. Two men who live on the Roseau Estate were waiting to assist in hauling our kayaks further up the beach, closer to the river. Andre gave us the opportunity to kayak through the lagoon on our own. He greeted us at the connecting point of the lagoon and river, then off we went up-stream. It was blissful serenity. And we made a little friend: a charming, blue heron bird. He guided us to our end point then flew away, and we drifted back towards the sandbank.

There the locals who had helped with the kayaks offered delicious fruit: bananas, guavas, dried coconut, carambolas (also known as five finger) and fresh coconut water that satisfied everyone’s quench! Then we strolled along the beach, swam and basked in the sun before kayaking back to base.

Tropical Traveller’s favourite part of the tour was when we kayaked through the Roseau lagoon and river. It was beyond peaceful, and Mother Nature is quite the artist! The second best part was relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun with the breeze cooling the skin.

Our guide, Andre, deserves special mention. He clearly loves his job. He is full of knowledge about our island and the environment because being out at sea or deep underwater is his passion as well as his profession. With him you will feel safe, learn about your surroundings, and have fun.

The expedition from Marigot Bay to Roseau River is one of several kayaking tours offered by The St. Lucia Kayak Center.

Please note that participants in the tours must be able to swim.

You are asked to take along your own sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and hat. Bottled water is supplied.

The St. Lucia Kayak Center

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