The beaches of Saint Lucia are beautiful. So is the island’s interior, especially in our rainforest areas. This is where you can get close to nature: its variety of vegetation, the birds, the mammals . . . the tranquility. And one of the most enjoyable ways is on the Rainforest Adventures aerial tram. All aboard!

The rainforest is a protected area but you can still experience it without leaving even a footprint. At Rain Forest Sky Rides Park in the north-east of Saint Lucia the aerial tram leaves from a base station and ascends from the forest floor to take you on an unforgettable journey through nature’s glory.

The ride is wonderfully sedate as you glide along beside flowers and streams then up between the trees and dense growth, experiencing the different layers of the rainforest. Not a vehicle in sight, no house alarm blaring, no factory fumes; just a dominance of green with soothing background birdsong, and clean, fresh air. Heavenly!

Each tram carries a well-informed and trained guide who gives a running commentary on the types of vegetation, precipitation and waterways, the birds, and the creatures that lurk below. We learned about the evolution of the rainforest in Saint Lucia, how it benefits the island, even how a group of Rastafarians once lived in the higher reaches. Our guide had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the plants and trees, and explained the uses of the leaves and bark in local, traditional herbal medicine.

The halfway point of the aerial tram ride is at its highest elevation. As the tram circles round and begins to descend, the view across the north of the island towards the Caribbean Sea is stunning. It’s a bird’s eye view and you can see for miles!

The aerial tram ride takes over an hour. Back at base station the guide then takes you on a walking trail where you can see some of the island’s beautiful tropical flowers, learn about the plants in the herb garden, observe termites and their nests, and study the fascinating phenomenon of one tree strangling another to death! Then it’s down to the cafe for well-earned refreshments and an opportunity to buy your souvenir T-shirt in the gift shop which also sells locally-made products.

The aerial tram ride has no upper or lower age limits and is suitable for persons with limited mobility. Those with a spirit of adventure will have an exhilarating time on the zip line. Rainforest Adventures also offers hiking trails and bird-watching tours. Pick-ups are available for cruise ship passengers in Castries and from selected hotels in the north-west of the island.