We love finding out what visitors adore about St. Lucia. Here is what some had to say about our little piece of paradise.

Jennifer and David Wilson

[United Kingdom]

We noticed this couple reading Tropical Traveller magazine at Bay Gardens Beach Resort.

TT: Hello! What brings you to Saint Lucia?

Jennifer: We caught the Caribbean bug last year when we visited Barbados and this time we wanted to visit another island.

David: Plus this coincided with our 52nd wedding anniversary.

TT: Congratulations! So how are you enjoying it here?

Jennifer: It’s paradise! We came here to relax and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We spend a lot of time on the beach. I haven’t read as much as normal because it’s so interesting watching the waves and the people.

David: And it’s amusing watching the children play on the water park, especially when they jump or fall into the sea. We’ve noticed police officers patrolling the beach and we’ve found that reassuring.

TT: Have you done any sightseeing?

David: Not yet although we intend to go to the volcano and the sulphur springs. For now, I’m happy fishing at the end of the beach. I caught seven fish yesterday! I use a hook with no barb and I return all the fish to the sea.

TT: Have you dined out much?

David: We’ve been to a lot of the restaurants here in Rodney Bay. My favourite was Buzz because they serve cottage pie which I love! It was a sophisticated place but relaxed at the same time. And there was live music that we could dance to.

Jennifer: We also like to walk along the beach late afternoon to Spinnakers for a sunset drink.

TT: What do you think the local Piton beer?

David: It’s certainly refreshing on a hot day.

TT: Has anything been outstanding here compared to other destinations?

David: The people make this island special. They have all been very friendly and helpful including the staff here at the resort and the vendors on the beach selling their wares, even the police.

TT: So what is your overall impression of Saint Lucia?

Jennifer: Let me put it this way: if I can’t get into heaven then I’m going to put Saint Lucia down as my second choice!

John Lincoln


We encountered John at Bay Gardens Hotel.

TT: Hello, you’re looking relaxed.

John: Indeed! I’m from Calgary and I’ve not had a vacation for two years so I wanted somewhere to relax and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. This island is perfect.

TT: Is this your first visit to Saint Lucia?

John: No, I came here a few years ago and that’s why I’m back. I had such a good experience the first time round that I knew I would not be disappointed. I’ve even come back to the same resort, Bay Gardens Hotel.

TT: What is so special about your resort?

John: It is in a good location, within walking distance of all of the attractions of Rodney Bay. There are several pools here – one is just outside my balcony- which is ideal because I spend a lot of time in the pool. I’m an animal lover so I like seeing the cats around the property; some of them are very friendly. Above all, the staff look after me exceedingly well.

TT: Which restaurants would you recommend?

John: I liked Tapas on the Bay; the food was good and the view of the marina was pretty. Spice of India was very good, with some interesting flavours.

TT: Have you tried any of our local food?

John: I love the plantain! I’m a fan of seafood so I enjoyed the marlin, and the chicken here has to be the best I’ve ever tasted!

TT: What excursions have you been on?

John: I like anything to do with nature so I enjoyed my trip to the botanical gardens. I did the land and sea tour and was reminded from my first time here just how dramatic the Pitons look.

TT: Do you have any memorable moments to share?

John: Every day there are memorable moments; it could be the taxi driver, the server in the restaurant or the guy at the gas station. The people here are so friendly and I feel a genuine connection when I speak with them.

The Leckie Family

[United Kingdom]

We came across the Leckie family at The Landings Resort where they own an apartment.

TT: What made you choose Saint Lucia as a place to own a home?

Jo: I grew up in Barbados; Saint Lucia now feels like Barbados used to be: less developed, and it has a certain charm. It’s like a slice of all I had and enjoyed as a child.

TT: What stands out for you about this island?

Joe: The people. They are lovely, so friendly and helpful. Every day I meet interesting Lucians and chat with them.

TT: What have you been doing?

Leila: My sister and I went out with Mummy on the ‘donut’ on the water. It was fast!

Zoe: And we’ve done a lot of swimming in the pool and in the sea but I prefer the pool as there are no waves.

Toby: We fed bread to the fish and they all came to eat it but I also saw a sea snake and that was scary!

TT: What places do you recommend?

Joe: We are very happy here at The Landings because it is family-friendly. There are plenty of activities to keep the children occupied, and the beach restaurant is very good.

Jo: We would also recommend the marina. There is a good choice of restaurants there and they all seem to welcome children.

TT: Did you adults manage to have any special evenings out?

Joe: We had dinner at The Cliff at Cap Maison and it was wonderful, especially as we had a table out on the deck overlooking the ocean. Plus the sommelier recommended a red wine that was a perfect complement to our meal.

TT: Have you tried the local cuisine?

Jo: We love rotis! We’ve had a lot of rotis in our lifetime, in many countries, and the chicken roti here at The Landings is top notch!

TT: What special memories will you take home from this trip?

Joe: I work very long hours so it has been a joy to wake up each day and spend time with my family. And I’ll always remember that this is when the children gained confidence in the water and learned to swim properly. Certain moments like that are precious.