Kitesurfers look so cool! So athletic! So graceful! Do you want to be one of them? We do!

Kitesurfing is one of those sports that many of the staff at Tropical Traveller have wanted to try but never got around to doing. We were inspired to take up the gauntlet by one of our team who recently moved back to Saint Lucia from Florida, a place with no shortage of beaches. He reminded us that our island’s beaches have a particular beauty not found in bigger destinations, and that we have watersports opportunities galore on our doorstep, not an hour’s drive away along a congested twelve-lane highway.

Cas-en-Bas beach in the far north-east of the island is famous for its ideal kitesurfing conditions and is only a ten minute drive from Rodney Bay. What were we waiting for?!

Kitesurfing St. Lucia is a school owned and operated since 2005 at Cas-en-Bas beach by Beth Lygoe, a qualified kitesurfing instructor. Beth is a legend in her own right, having competed at the 2012 Olympic Games in the UK, representing Saint Lucia in the sport of sailing. Her kitesurfing school is situated rather coolly under the palm-fringed shade of a lone coconut tree on the edge of the beach. Cas-en-Bas is one of the more untamed beaches in the north of the island, a description visitors will appreciate when they encounter the surfers with their 15 foot kites gliding across the bay, and the dozen or so horses trotting (and sometimes swimming!) along the beach.

Whether it’s your first-time surfing or you’re an expert, Kitesurfing St. Lucia has a ton to offer. And there is no need to worry about bringing any equipment as kites and boards can be rented. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to opt for the Discover Kitesurfing course, a private, two-hour introduction to the basics of kiting, which begins on the beach and progresses into the shallow water. You’ll familiarise yourself with the kite, learning how to manoeuvre it left and right. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be safely ‘body dragging’ in the water.

The next step to improving your skills is with a jet-ski assisted lesson. Our instructor for this was Bobby, one of Kitesurfing St. Lucia’s homegrown instructors, who really knows what he’s doing, having been coached by Beth herself. The great part is that with the jet-ski, the instructor is always right next to you, giving you feedback and encouragement.

As you practise more body dragging and learn to control the power of the kite, you’ll feel your confidence growing and the intensity of the fun factor! Even if your style needs perfecting, you’ll believe at this stage that you, too, could look graceful and accomplished while kitesurfing. So now you’re ready for your first rides on a board; time to book another lesson.

The best part about Kitesurfing St. Lucia and its introductory courses is that if you have limited time in Saint Lucia to dedicate to learning a new sport, it’s ample time to go from beginner to … well … beginner-on-a-board!

Kitesurfing St. Lucia also offers six and ten hour courses so that you can progress your skills and become a safe and independent kitesurfer. As Beth says, “Ride hard, fly high, be safe, have fun!”

Now you’ve done it, would you try it again? Well, let’s just say those horses at Cas-en-Bas are beginning to recognize some of us!

Contact Kitesurfing St. Lucia at +1 (758) 714 9589 or to learn more.