Forever Factory

This newcomer to our retail scenery utilizes the idea of creating memories and having a special way of storing them. Forever Factory sells notebooks, journals, and other crafty options for wonderful reminiscences, like the ones you’re bound to make here in Saint Lucia! There’s something for the writer, photographer, adventurer, blogger, someone who loves ‘pretty things’ or anyone who’s a stationery hoarder. The online store makes the experience super easy as well.

Instagram: @foreverfactory


Inspi’d by Lully

Being a daughter of one of the island’s most skilled and professional seamstresses, Melissa Harte has always been around the cutting, shaping and sewing of cloth into garments. However, she chose a knottier path to express her talent with a crochet brand Inspi’d by Lully. Her hands are speedy and she creates, with her personal twist, anything upon a client’s request: tops, pants, swimsuits, jewellery and bags. Inspi’d by Lully’s products are all crocheted with care and skill making sure the outcome is chic, stylish, comfortable and unique.

Instagram: @inspidbylully

Location: Gablewoods Mall at Fiona’s Sewing & Accessories