We at TT are immensely proud of Saint Lucia, and justifiably so. Wonderful climate, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, Caribbean sea, friendly people . . . The list goes on. Here our Publisher, Editor and writers reveal what makes each day superb for them and how easy it is for you to have a slice of our lovely island life.


Grow Well Youth Drive – 1,000 Tins for Dominica. One Can, Two Cans, Who Can? They can! And They Did!

As we approach the year end I reflect on the highs and lows in Saint Lucia during 2017. The Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, celebrated 20 years in office; this indefatigable and graceful lady received the nation’s congratulations and thanks.

Ingrained in our memories for years to come will be the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Saint Lucia was on the periphery; islands further north, especially Dominica, bore the brunt of nature’s brutal force. Aid came in from around the world: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Venezuela, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, with additional funding through the United Nations and the European Union, amongst others. Saint Lucians held fund-raising events; individuals, businesses and government sent money, supplies and personnel.

We may be a little Island but our people have huge hearts.

Doretta, Editor

My most recent pleasure was my Sunday at Stonefield Villa Resort, where the Brown family – who own the business – grew up. This charming laid-back property has a rustic elegance and family vibe reminiscent of what life must have been like in simpler times. It is genuine, relaxed luxury without all the unnecessary frills. The Mango Tree restaurant is an authentic ‘farm to table’ experience: everything is freshly grown on-property. The best adjective I can find at this moment is ‘heavenly satisfying!’ Taking a hike through the estate is not only an excellent workout but a great way to discover the variety of Saint Lucian produce and learn how fruits like mangoes grow. After the exercise I was happy to rest in my villa – all villas are extremely spacious and decorated with furniture made by the family-owned carpentry shop. Each villa features large four-poster beds, comfortable hammocks, your own pool and stunning views of the Pitons. The new Escape spa just adds to the beautiful rejuvenating experience of the resort. What else could I ask? Yes, I’m spoilt to have friends who pamper me the old-fashioned way but hey, the place is so welcoming they’d spoil you too. So don’t leave Saint Lucia without at least a day trip to this hidden treasure! It’s your time to Escape, Relax and Rejuvenate.

Mae, Publisher

Every weekend I search for an adventure to bring me joy and a good workout. In Saint Lucia we have lush vegetation, vibrant seas, inclines and peaks, verdant valleys and sandy beaches, all offering plenty of activities, from easy and relaxing to challenging and rewarding. Recently I climbed Petit Piton for the first time and it was amazing! (See page 14.) I wholeheartedly recommend climbing Petit Piton or the less strenuous ascent of Gros Piton. The view from the top will leave you in awe and the adrenaline rush makes the early start and all the effort worthwhile. Happy hiking!

Michele-Lauren, Contributing Writer

Yuletide is synonymous with my joy. Opportunities to wear sparkly gowns or to eat seasonal delicacies are endless. Of course, the time is a memorial of Christ’s birth but I find the food almost as important! Mostly I drink as much enchanting sorrel juice as I can manage. There are parties almost every night and our little lighting of the Christmas tree is never something I miss. New Year celebrations follow and, although it signifies the end of my best loved, I still enjoy picking from the many options to celebrate. Most times I settle for a hilltop view of the fireworks, with friends.

Claudia,  Contributing Writer