When your family hails from Castries, then even if you live in Washington DC, the only place to get married is Saint Lucia. That’s what brought debonair Sean Jorn Mitchell and his beautiful bride Kathryn to our island shores for their wedding.

Sean and Kathryn are American. He owns a chain of beauty shops and barber salons while she is a Public Health Advisor. They crossed paths through work and started out as friends. Sean recalls, “When I first met her I thought, ‘She’s pretty! I’d like to get to know her.’ And I knew after the first day that she was the one.”

Kathryn remembers the evening in February 2013 when their relationship moved up a notch: “I was in the bathroom and texted a friend: ‘How do you know if it’s a date?’ because I could feel the attraction. But Sean was a real gentleman, and that night he kissed me only on the cheek.”

The couple became engaged on Valentine’s Day 2016 and considered just one destination for the wedding: Saint Lucia. They brought a party of 60 people to stay at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort including Sean’s daughters, Alexis and Ava, plus Kathryn’s daughter, also called Ava. Sean’s Lucian-born mother had already passed; his aunt Juliet and other family members were there for him although his grandmother, aged 92, who still lives in Castries, was unable to attend.

The ceremony took place on the somewhat overcast afternoon of Friday 7th July on the beach at Windjammer Resort. Sean is a stickler for punctuality and it was Kathryn who followed ‘Lucian time’ and was late! The couple wrote their own vows and, while Kathryn recited hers, a rainbow appeared. One of the groomsmen perceived the magic of the moment and whispered to Sean, “That’s your Mom.”

Sean and Kathryn have high praise for Melanie Reynold, the resort’s wedding co-ordinator, who ensured that every aspect – other than some “liquid sunshine” – was perfect. A Lucian violinist serenaded the couple and the amazing buffet was, of course, typically Caribbean, featuring saltfish and bakes (Sean’s favourite), jerk chicken wings and chicken curry.

The team at Tropical Traveller wishes Kathryn and Sean extreme health and happiness and plenty of ‘Lucian love’ in their lives.


“You are the one I want to laugh with, cry with, talk with, and be silent with. So today I am proud to be here with you and call you my husband. I vow to base my life with you on love, caring, and respect. I will support your dreams and goals and strive to keep our lives filled with joy, adventures, and of course laughter.”

– Kathryn

“I vow to be your navigator, your protector, your sidekick, your best friend and your husband. I vow to give you all of myself. I see these vows as not just promises but also as privileges.”

– Sean


What you need to know to tie the knot in St. Lucia

• Passports (valid for a minimum of six months)

• Birth certificate

• Two witnesses (stand-ins can be arranged)

• Deed poll certificate (if your name has been changed)

• Parental consent by way of an affidavit if below 18

• Death certificate and previous marriage certificate

(if you have been widowed)

• Decree absolute (if you’re divorced)

• Only originals or certified copies

• All legal documents should be faxed to the resort you are staying at to start the legal process.

Documents in a foreign language require authorised English translation.

Fees in EC:
• Marriage License: $335 (seven days before marriage)

• Special Marriage License: $540

(less than seven days before marriage)

• Registrar fee: $160

• Marriage Certificate: $8