Small island with lots to offer! We at TT are immensely proud of Saint Lucia, and justifiably so. Wonderful climate, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, Caribbean sea, friendly people . . . The list goes on. Here our Publisher, Editor and writers reveal what makes each day superb for them and how easy it is for you to have a slice of our lovely island life.


MAE – Publisher

If Oprah Says We’re Special . . . We’re Special!

I fell in love with Saint Lucia 29 years ago and soon afterward started promoting the island’s uniqueness, its beauty spots, its out of the way beaches and all those other attributes that make Saint Lucia special. In May 1989 I created a vehicle specially for the purpose of showing off my adopted home: Tropical Traveler, soon to be known simply as TT.

As we approach our 30th year of publishing this magazine that highlights in every publication why our island is synonymous with the legendary beauty, Helen of Troy, I take great pleasure in releasing yet another edition—but with a new rebranded look!

When TT made its first appearance, our island’s  economy depended largely on bananas. Over the years tourism has become our main industry. I have observed up close Saint Lucia’s transformation from a sleepy, quiet island with three or four hotels into a must-visit destination, bustling with exciting activity and luxury resorts.

I’m often asked how I maintain my enthusiasm for the publication after so many years, especially with things as they are for publishing worldwide. The answer is: Love. Love not only for the country itself but also for its people, always friendly, always welcoming. Then there is the fact that our island continues to evolve; there is always something new to be seen if, as the late Derek Walcott was fond of saying, you have eyes that can appreciate the beauty of nature.  True, we have our problems, most of them beyond our control. But there can be no argument that we are lucky who can call Saint Lucia home. We’re also happy and proud to share it with our visitors, including some especially well known, like Oprah, who advised readers of her own magazine that Saint Lucia was one place everyone should visit before their final departure. Consider TT your invitation to visit and explore nature at its most inspiring!



Doretta – Editor

Welcome to the new look and style of Tropical Traveller. Regular readers can be reassured that your favourite pages are still here – we all like to know what the visitors think of our island (Tourist Talk is on page 6) and where to go for a happy hour drink (our guide to watering holes in and around Rodney Bay is on page 26). For first-time readers our aim is to help you settle into Saint Lucia and get the most of your time here with our suggestions on where to go and what to do (see especially our tour features on pages 18 to 24 and the pull-out maps on the centre pages), where to dine (pages 34 to 37), what to buy (page 32) and what’s ‘weird and wonderful’ about this island (page 51). Our hope is that you will feel so ‘at home’ that you become a repeat visitor or even contemplate buying property as a second home or as an investment. For advice in that direction turn to the article on page 46.

   Saint Lucia is a wonderful place to live, having a great climate, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and friendly people, not to mention direct flights to several US cities, Canada and the UK. A good number of residents were born elsewhere but were drawn by the island’s beauty, charm and a certain ‘magical’ quality, so they ended up staying, like the couple featured on page 14. If you number among the outsiders who became locals, TT would love to hear your story.

   Whether you are a first-time visitor, a return ‘friend’ of the island or a resident, TT wishes you happy days, nights, adventures and fulfillment in our piece of paradise.



Linda – Creative Director

Hi, I’m Linda. I was born in Sweden, lived in the UK and States and have been very happily settled in Saint Lucia for 10 years. I came here on business and fell in love with the island. Then I fell in love with a man and gained a husband! Val works in the evenings so when we were dating we would hook up at the end of his shift and go to Gros Islet for a drink and a bite to eat (see our Village feature on page 31 and our guide to Street Food on page 34). I have special memories of one Valentine’s Day when he took me to Cap Maison resort for a romantic meal in one of the best restaurants on the island: The Cliff at Cap. It’s my recommendation for the place to be on 14th February, or anytime you want to celebrate love.
   Val and I have three children: Dexter, Maxwell and Kenya. (Editor’s note: three cherubs is more like it!) Our world revolves around them so we love going to the beach, going to the park, playing with our cats, eating pizza and ice cream – all the simple pleasures in life that are fun for the entire family. Coming to Saint Lucia opened up a whole new, wonderful world for me. I hope
it does the same for you.