Do you want the chance to release your innermost Tarzan and swing through the trees of the rainforest? No lianas, but zip-lines offer a safe and exhilarating way to fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

Fun at a high level!

Do you have a gung-ho spirit? Then the exhilarating Adrena-line Zip Line at Rainforest Adventures in Babonneau is for you! The idea of being hitched up to a series of cables and zipping between platforms at incredible heights in the tree canopy might sound intimidating but TT assures you that the concept is scarier than the activity itself. Safety is paramount and you will be provided with all the kit and instruction to ensure a super-high level of fun.

Rainforest Adventures is the only company in Saint Lucia that hosts a zip-line tour within the island’s luxuriously green, tropical rainforest. The phenomenal sensations, sights and sounds make this adventure bucket-list worthy! Whizzing through lush greenery in the cool, fresh air, suspended way above rivers, small waterfalls and treetops, will have your body bursting with glee. And it’s OK to holler like Tarzan.

Before you go

Full, fastened shoes are a must. There is some walking involved and you will be in a harness for the zip-lining so wear something comfortable; we recommend shorts/trousers (pants). Keep in mind that any fancy hairdo will be subject to a helmet. Take off anything that could fall to the forest floor, like jewellery or shades.

After you’ve zip-lined

The fun and excitement of the Adrena-line Zip Line are infectious! After two hours of flying through the trees, there will be a new level of friendship with your fellow adventurers. Compare notes about your experience while enjoying complementary juices, or laugh together at the pictures captured by the positioned photographer. Then go buy the T-shirt from the gift shop – you can wear it with pride!

Other options

If you prefer to observe the beauty of the forest at a slower pace then opt for the more sedate Rainforest Adventures aerial tram ride. Nature lovers can hike the Jacquot trail and learn about the flora, fauna, history and myths of the rainforest. Or join an early morning bird-watching tour with experienced guides who identify bird species and their special calls.


Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia, Babonneau

Tel: 458 5151