Yoga holidays and wellness retreats are quickly becoming the next big thing in tourism. Vacations are not just for fun and relaxation but also an opportunity to focus on health and fitness. Many travellers love the idea of incorporating yoga into their trip; it’s easy to practise while away from home because it requires little equipment. This is why many resorts have a dedicated yoga space and offer regular yoga classes.

Author of the article, Monetta Wilson

Many people believe that yoga is something that super flexible people do, twisting and contorting their body into impossible shapes and positions. Others think that yoga is for stressed-out people who need to relax. While it is true that many people who practise yoga do so to relieve stress and to stay in shape, there are many other benefits that can be gained. Among other things, yoga can help build strength and confidence, improve flexibility and balance as well as foster peace and contentment.

When you practise yoga, you connect the mind and body to help you relax and feel rejuvenated. A typical vinyasa yoga class begins with Surya Namaskar, otherwise known as Sun Salutions. The movement then proceeds through a series of strengthening, lengthening and hip-opening poses, back bends and forward folds, before ending in Savasana, or Corpse Pose: final resting pose. The difficulty or complexity of the poses depends on the level of strength and flexibility of each individual student.

By focusing on breath and movement your mind becomes focused and everything else melts away. While this can be done anywhere, it is easier to practise yoga in a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It’s even more enjoyable when you pursue yoga in natural surroundings such as the beach or forest. Nature is peaceful, soothing and stunningly beautiful; practising yoga in a natural atmosphere, free of distraction, often deepens the sense of peace and relaxation that you feel.

Saint Lucia is known for her natural beauty. Beaches, forest trails and waterfalls are all perfect settings for yoga. There’s something magical about practising yoga while the smell of salt tickles your nose and the waves gently play background music, or birds sing in tune while tree branches sway in the gentle breeze. It can inspire you to make time for yoga, deepen your practice or even try yoga for the first time. 

Many resorts help you connect to nature by placing their yoga studios outdoors or in close proximity to nature. Some resorts have a dedicated yoga deck as part of their fitness facilities so that you can go easily from your cardio workout to your yoga session. After sweating it out on a treadmill or bike you can step outside and enjoy some soothing yoga in a natural environment. Other resorts use nature as an inspiration with one or more glass walls while you practise in air-conditioned comfort. Some resorts go even further by creating dedicated yoga structures in exotic locations like the over water yoga deck at Ti Kaye Resort and Spa.

Exotic yoga settings create a sense of wonder and joy before you even step on your mat. They have a wow factor! Ti Kaye Resort and Spa, known for its rustic elegance, tapped into that when building the over the water deck. The resort then jumped into the yoga holiday business with both feet by offering yoga retreat packages. Like a lotus flower, the yoga deck sits above the crystal blue waters of Anse Cochon Bay. It is nestled between the restaurant and dock and can be accessed by a secret trail.

As you practise yoga on the deck in the morning you are greeted with gentle ocean sounds beneath your feet, and uninterrupted views of the sea. In the evenings the yoga deck provides a front seat to some of the most stunning sunsets on earth. Savasana becomes deeply soothing, especially if you use the bolsters, blocks and other props provided. It’s as if the ocean becomes your private lullaby to soothe away your stressIf floating above the ocean is not quite your thing, then you can still enjoy ocean views in the Ti Kaye Resort and Spa meditation room. Enjoy the air-conditioned temperatures while marveling at the panoramic view of nature through the extensive windows; or step outside onto the deck to be closer to nature.Ti Kaye Resort and Spa has something for every yogi. You can practise alone in your room, enjoy the peace of the meditation room, request a private one-on-one session or join one of the regular classes. You can make your holiday all about yoga by joining one of the yoga retreats or even create your own retreat for you and your friends. Whether you’re a beginner or long-time yogi, let Saint Lucia inspire your practice!

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