Karine Romero and her children, Salome, Sarah and Ruben, and her friend Nadiege Hannibal and daughter, Jessy, all from Saint Joseph, Martinique, were enjoying the zip line at Rainforest Adventures.

TT: How often do you come to Saint Lucia?

Karine: Once or twice a year. It’s a real change of scenery for us.

TT: What do you like about the island?

Karine: People are very friendly. We like the

beaches, the food and Lucian music and dancing.

TT: Where do you stay and why?

Karine: This time we booked a guest house,

La Piccola, with Air bnb. Sometimes, I make a reservation with my timeshare points to stay
at resorts.

TT: What do you like to do?

Karine: We love beach activities. We also like the sulphur springs, mud baths and Botanical Gardens at Soufriere.

TT: Which restaurants do you recommend?

Karine: Angel’s delight, in Gros Islet, near to Stephanie’s Hotel. Angel cooks very well, (try her lambi!) and it’s not expensive. We also like eating at Castries market restaurants.

TT: Are there any local foods that you like?

Karine: We love rotis, local natural juices, pastries (coconut especially) and bread, lambi, and fish, of course.

TT: What do you take back home?

Karine: Vanilla essence and banana ketchup.



From Kenora, Ontario, Canada

We encountered this fun-loving couple in Soufriere

TT: Hi! What brings you to Saint Lucia?

Brad: Warmth! It’s -28 degrees back home but here it’s +28.

TT: What have you been doing?

Brad: We’re staying in Rodney Bay so we’ve spent time on the beach, at the marina and on Pigeon Island, and I’ve been hiking, snorkelling and birdwatching.

Gemma: Today is our best day so far, coming down to Soufriere, seeing the Pitons, doing the mud bath, visiting Diamond Waterfall and the Botanical Gardens.

TT: What do you think of the local food?

Gemma: We love it! I’ve had fresh fish just about every day and I’m a fan of pumpkin soup.

Brad: I’m on more of a liquid diet: rum punches and gallons of fresh coconut water that I buy from the roadside vendors.

TT: Which restaurants would you recommend?

Brad: The pizza and atmosphere were great at Harbor Club.

Gemma: Jambe du Bois on Pigeon Island, for the fantastic banana crumble.

TT: What will you be taking home with you?

Brad: I love spicy food so I’m stocking up on hot pepper sauce.

TT: Will you be back?

Gemma: For sure! There is so much to see and do that one week hasn’t been enough.





TT: What inspired you to travel all the way to Saint Lucia?

Geoff: We came here once before and liked it so much that we wanted to return.

TT: What do you like about Saint Lucia?

Patti: I love gardening so I like all the stunning flowers, plants and trees.

Geoff: The people are so helpful and friendly. The staff at The Landings, where we are staying, are superb, and I give the taxi drivers a gold star. The driver from the airport took us on a detour to see the Governor General’s house.

TT: What have you done on this trip?

Patti: This is a ‘chill-out’ holiday but we’ve enjoyed several boat trips and climbed Pigeon Island; the view was wonderful.

Geoff: I had fun exploring Rodney Bay village. I recognised Spinnakers from our first visit so I popped in for old time’s sake – and a dark rum mohito!

TT: Which restaurants would you recommend?

Geoff: Spinnaker’s jerk ribs and the curry at Jambe de Bois stood out for me.

TT: What will you take home with you?

Patti: Excellent memories! That aside, we always take home some hot pepper sauce and rum cake.