When we look at people, we often try to guess what jobs and characteristics they have: what they do, where they live, how they spend their time. When we think about the underwater world, we often skip over such details – they’re just fish, right? Well, here are a few creatures from the Saint Lucian waters that may surprise you.

Jawfish: Wait, what’s that in its mouth? Looks a bit like bubblegum! In fact, the jawfish is a ‘mouth brooder’, effectively babysitting its young eggs until they are ready to leave home!


Cleaner Shrimp

 These tiny little guys wave their long antenna as bigger creatures swim by in order to give them a clean, like in a carwash. If you are careful, you can place your hand nearby and they may choose to jump on and give you a manicure!



This impressive fish is actually an invasive species to the Caribbean. It opens its wings to guide its prey into a corner before it pounces on its victim – the archetypal hunter!

Mantis Shrimp

There are many strange-looking creatures in the ocean. It’s not hard to see where sci-fi film directors may get their inspiration. This chap would be quite at home piloting his alien spaceship!

Banded Coral Shrimp

Take a look at this little guy – you might think the moray eel is about to have a tasty snack. No way! The shrimp is actually cleaning the moray – a little like your local dentist!

Sand Tile Fish

These are one of the builder species of the seas. They construct tunnels and ‘bunkers’, fetching and carrying coral from around their homestead with a view of securing themselves from predators!