For starters, you don’t need to know how to swim or have any experience to scuba dive. If that’s not convincing, Dive Saint Lucia has just the thing. A non-swimming member of Team TT took the plunge.

The Discover Scuba Dive Course at Dive Saint Lucia covers all the basics and need-to-knows of diving, from a shallow end then to a 11ft deep pool, for an hour. You will learn underwater hand signals, the proper breathing techniques and how to regulate and balance your pressure. The thought of breathing underwater may feel unnatural and scary but, after a few seconds of practice, it comes easily. Water depth will also be intimidating at first but, with a dedicated instructor by your side, you will be flapping your fins all about the pool in no time.

It will be fun, exciting and an all-new experience. All you have to do is literally turn up with your swimsuit. You’ll quickly learn you’ve been missing out while your head was above the water.

Then, from the pool you will put your skill to practice and sail out into the ocean along the west coast to experience Saint Lucia’s underwater life first-hand. One highly experienced dive instructor teaches and accompanies a four-person group of beginner divers from the pool to the ocean. Team TT got to work with ever-patient Lennon! And, you can start from as young as 10 years old (children tend to have the most fun). However, if you’re suffering from a cold, flu or any congestion, this adventure will have to wait for another time. A doctor’s approval is needed if you have any other chronic condition.

The Discover Scuba Dive Course lasts from 8.30 am until about 3 pm when the boat docks back at Dive Saint Lucia. It’s designed to get inexperienced divers completely comfortable and ready to tackle the bucket list item of scuba diving. If you don’t want to go into the ocean right away, that’s okay, but if you do fall in love (which is a guarantee) you can revisit Dive Saint Lucia to discuss becoming a certified diver.

   If we can do it, so can you!

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