Will Bourne and Lynda Hampson planned to wed in the UK. They even put down a deposit at one venue but then Will decided that a beach setting was for them. So he emailed Lyn a photo of a couple getting married on the beach and posed the question “Do you fancy doing this?” Her immediate response: “Yes!”

When Will and Lyn met seven years ago they were both working for a business with offices throughout the country. There was an instant connection. For the first six months they saw each other regularly at the company’s board meetings but the rapport between them prompted Will to make the first move. He invited Lyn out on a date, to the movies. (If you are wondering, the film was The Artist).

   Will and Lyn did not live in the same area and for two years Will drove 120 miles up the M6 motorway to spend time with Lyn. Then they made the sensible decision to live together. The next step was to get married. They researched venues in the UK and made a decision, paying a deposit to secure their choice. Meanwhile they attended the wedding of a friend; it was a beautiful occasion but a lot of planning and expense was involved. That’s when Will had the idea of a simple, fuss-free beach wedding.

   The couple had never been let down by their travel agent so when she recommended Rendezvous Resort in Saint Lucia, they did not hesitate to book. The planning was made easy by Tamara Vitalis, the resort’s wedding co-ordinator, who Lyn describes as “excellent”.

   Will and Lyn did not want to put family and friends to the expense of joining them but were delighted when several asked if they could be present. So, on Monday 5th March, 2018 Will and Lyn said “I do” in front of seven of the most important people in their lives. Those who could not be with them, including Will’s 83-year-old mother, watched the proceedings via FaceTime.

   The ceremony took place in the gazebo on the beach. Lyn walked there to the sound of Lady Lynda (of course!) by The Beach Boys. “Will is the man of my dreams. When I saw him in the gazebo I thought I was going to cry. I didn’t but everyone else did!” said Lyn. The wedding party then enjoyed champagne and hors d’oeuvres in the resort’s piano bar followed by a private dinner beneath the canopy of the magnificent, centuries-old Samaan tree in the grounds. Lyn summed up the day: “The wedding was perfect; It was everything we hoped for.”

   (For those who are wondering, the couple forfeited their UK deposit but, as Will admits, “It was worth it.”)


The saxophonist, Dylan Jules, wasn’t booked! He plays every Monday at Rendezvous Resort and it was one of those serendipitous moments that he was nearby during the photo shoot.


Will and Lyn are hosting a party in the UK on 26th May for all the friends and family who could not join them in Saint Lucia. Tropical Traveller raises a glass with them in wishing the couple health and happiness.