Vacation is sometimes seen as a time to break away from your health and wellness plan. It’s easy to stray because the temptation is so great. When you think of being on vacation you often imagine lying at the beach or pool, sipping on calorie-filled drinks, enjoying decadent meals and luxurious desserts. For many vacationers it’s all about doing as little as possible and enjoying as much as possible But you don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyle. With a little planning and determination, it’s easy to stay active and maintain healthy habits.


Maintaining healthy habits begins before you leave home. When researching destinations and accommodation, be sure to check the availability of wellness and fitness activities. Many resorts have a fitness centre and offer fitness classes; some offer personal training in addition to a full roster of classes. While private houses and villas may not offer these, there is usually a relationship with local instructors and trainers who are happy to come to you for classes and personal training. If you plan in advance, you can seamlessly integrate wellness and fitness into your vacation.

Meals and Beverages

It’s important to make healthy choices at mealtimes. Many resorts and restaurants have a garden menu or other such healthy alternatives; try to stick to that menu as much as possible. Also, avoid heavy sauces and dressings; instead ask the kitchen for vinaigrette or olive oil.

One of the biggest ways to consume too many calories on vacation is in liquid form, particularly those colourful cocktails. The sugar in cocktails quickly mounts up and can be a big contributor to the vacation bulge. You may make healthy choices at mealtimes and stay active but too many cocktails can undo your entire wellness plan. Some bars offer “skinny” drinks or you can ask the bartender to make your drinks without syrup. You can also choose lower calorie options such as vodka and soda, gin and tonic or seabreeze.

Staying Active

If you’re not a big fan of working out you can stay active by choosing excursions that include walking tours or hikes. Select an activity that is appropriate for your fitness level and you’re sure to enjoy it. If you don’t hike regularly at home, maybe stay away from hiking up a mountain and opt instead for a walk through botanical gardens or a visit to a waterfall. If you want to spend more time at your resort, you can take daily walks around the grounds or regular swims in the pool or ocean.

No Regrets

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation may seem challenging at first but, with a little planning, it can easily be achieved. Choose a destination and lodging that promotes health and wellness, then make healthy choices while on vacation: consume low calorie drinks and dressings; take advantage of fitness classes, or make your own fitness activities; go on tours and excursions that involve activity. Follow these rules and you are sure to enjoy your vacation and go home guilt-free and without regret.


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