Felicity Brodrick London, UK

We ran across Felicity at Cap Maison, admiring its grounds.

TT: What brings you to Saint Lucia?

Felicity: I’m here to experience Cap Maison and all that the beautiful island of Saint Lucia has to offer. I feel very fortunate, as my experience has been nothing short of inspirational!

TT: What trips have you done?

Felicity: Ziplining in Babonneau was fun and the boat trip to Soufrière was spectacular. I explored the Sulphur Springs and dipped into the mud bath – I’m not sure I’ll return home looking 10 years younger but one can hope!

TT: Where have you dined?

Felicity: The Cliff at Cap was a sublime experience. For slightly less formal dining, Naked Fisherman is a joy.

TT: What local foods and drinks have you sampled?

Felicity: I’ve tried dishes I’d never heard of! I was convinced I wouldn’t like the green banana pie but it was delicious. Hot sauce drizzled over freshly cooked chicken and washed down with a cooling glass of tamarind juice was also a treat.

TT: What souvenirs have you bought?

Felicity: You can’t go home from Saint Lucia without a little rum, surely?


Al & Eileen Kalfass Syracuse, US

We encountered this couple at Rodney Bay Marina

TT: You look like you’re having fun!

Eileen: We’re having a blast. We feel so much at home here. Everybody has been so friendly and welcoming.

TT: What have you done?

Al: We’ve packed in all sorts. We’ve been sailing with friends, we’ve spent a few days at Coconut Bay, we’ve explored, relaxed, and enjoyed some killer cocktails!

TT: Best place to eat?

Al: Elena’s at the marina for the pizza. We’re New Yorkers so we know our stuff and this is the best.

TT: Where was your favourite spot?

Eileen: Hands down it was Marigot Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful and serene spots I’ve ever been to.

TT: Any memorable moments?

Eileen: I’m a musician so it has to be the night the folk group Manmay La Kaye played. The band was amazing!



Singer Leee John of British soul/funk group Imagination was at Coco Palm Resort.

TT: Welcome back! Are you here visiting family?

(Leee’s mother, Jessie Stephens, MBE was born in Castries).

Leee: I’m mixing business with pleasure. It’s great to lime with family but I’m also in discussions about a concert here.

TT: Tell us more!

Leee: The date isn’t finalized but it will feature hits from the past and from the new album, Retropia, which will be released on 9th June.


TT: Favourite dining spots?

Leee: I like Golden Taste in Gros Islet and Royal Palm in Rodney Bay. We had an excellent dinner at Creole Grill, one of the restaurants here at Coco Palm Resort, and a great barbecue meal at The Triangle. I highly recommend the chicken roti at Blue Monkey cafe.

TT: What will you miss most when you return to the UK?

Leee: The heat and sunshine, of course, but most importantly, my family, so I’ll be back soon, with the whole band!

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