We at TT are immensely proud of Saint Lucia, and justifiably so. Wonderful climate,

stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, Caribbean sea, friendly people . . . The list goes on.

Here our Publisher, Editor and writers reveal what makes each day superb for them

and how easy it is for you to have a slice of our lovely island life.

Mae – Publisher

have lived in Saint Lucia some 30 years, and have published this magazine for most of those three decades, so there isn’t much on this island I haven’t seen!

When a friend asked me to join her to go horse-back riding I jumped at the opportunity since it was something I hadn’t done in a while. And what a fun day it was! For three hours I got to see Saint Lucia like never before. Its untouched beauty, its tropical forests, the rugged coastline – this is the kind of scenery movies are made from. On horse-back you can really shut off from the fast pace of life for a while and imagine yourself in a tranquil world full of colour brought to life by the magnificence of the island’s tropical flora and turquoise blue ocean.

Check out our directory and choose a horse-back riding tour so you can see beautiful Saint Lucia in a new and fascinating way.


Doretta – Editor

love living in Saint Lucia! It’s a great place to be – all year round.

We are in the ‘hurricane season’ which is designated annually as 1st June to 30th November. The weather is hotter and, of course, wetter. It’s considered the slow season: fewer cruise ships sail the Caribbean Sea, tourist numbers are down and some hotels and restaurants close for a month or so but that does not mean that there isn’t plenty to do.

Saint Lucia now has the Soleil Summer Festival, with two of the events taking place this quarter: the Roots and Soul Festival from 31st August to 2nd September and the Arts and Heritage Festival during the entire month of October. Then, for the fun-loving and energetic, there is Mercury Fest commencing the weekend of 10th August.

Whatever the month, Saint Lucia offers all sorts of tours, activities and sports, whether on land, on the waves or underwater. Yes, this is a small island but it’s jam-packed with interesting, fun, sporty and cultural things to do. Make the most of it and enjoy your time in our  slice of paradise.

Joshua – Contributing Writer

Growing up in Saint Lucia, the most popular sports are traditionally cricket and football. Despite this, as a child I gravitated to basketball. Now, standing at 6’4, the sport continues to be my favourite. Its popularity in Saint Lucia is continually growing, and this year was a big step forward in the right direction. After years of absence from competing in overseas tournaments, the senior male national team finally came out of retirement and participated in the FIBA AmeriCup 2021 Caribbean Pre-Qualifier. As the team took to the floor in Suriname, miles away from home, I was locked in, determined to witness history. Dressed in their uniforms with ‘St. Lucia’ blazoned across their chests, the feeling of national pride was uncontainable! With the island producing internationally renowned athletes like cricketer Daren Sammy and high jumper Levern Spencer, I hope that basketball will be next in the spotlight.   

Saint Lucia is a wonderful place to pursue sports so, whatever your field, take advantage of our weather and the great outdoors.