Jan and Bill Bone – Cornwall, UK


We spotted Jan painting at Rendezvous Resort!

TT: Hello! Your faces look familiar.

Jan: They should be! This is our thirteenth holiday here!

TT: What do you like so much about Saint Lucia?

Jan: The people – so friendly and welcoming.

Bill:  Indeed! I like to walk into Castries and observe the hustle and bustle of daily life. I stand near the market and somebody always comes up to me and chats. The other day it was a police officer!

TT: Where do you stay each time you visit the island?

Bill: It has to be Rendezvous! For us it’s the perfect hotel. It provides exactly what we want.

TT: What have you done on this trip?

Jan: Mainly relaxing and painting. We enjoyed the gondola ride through the rainforest and a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

Bill: We like to put something back into the community so we shall make our usual visit to Vide Bouteille Primary School to help the children in reading classes.

TT: What are your favourite local foods and drinks?

Jan: It’s a very healthy diet here. I love the fresh fish and the fruits and vegetables, and I’ve discovered that Saint Lucian rum is fabulous for cooking, especially in flambeed bananas and beef casserole.

Bill: The Piton beer is refreshing and as for the rum, well, the Chairmans’s Spiced is really rather nice!

We like to put something back into the community so we shall make our usual visit to Vide Bouteille Primary School to help the children in reading classes.



Nancy Atkinson – West Virginia, USA

We bumped into Nancy, a former editor of this very magazine, at the MeCurator art gallery


TT: Hey Nancy! Welcome back to Saint Lucia! What brings you here?

Nancy: Even though I’m now living in West Virginia, I still consider Saint Lucia to be my home. So, I’m back to see friends, explore familiar haunts and see what’s new.

TT: What have you been doing on this trip?

Nancy: Playing a lot of golf! I love taking daily walks on the beach and I’ve been enjoying dance lessons with Peter St. Rose at Salsa St. Lucia. I’ve had wonderful afternoons horse-riding; Marlon at North Point Riding Stables and Fidel at Holiday Riding Stables both offer great rides along the Atlantic coastline. I never get tired of those views.

TT: How do you chill out?

Nancy: Iyengar yoga lessons with Jill at Harmony Suites! I also enjoy meeting up with friends at Rodney Bay Marina and 7th Heaven coffee shop at Harbor Club. And I always get my hair styled by Emil when on the island.

TT: We bet you’ve missed the local food!

Nancy: Definitely! Bake and saltfish from the food truck on the Pigeon Island causeway is a must. And just this morning my taxi driver treated me to a dhal; it was delicious!

TT: What will you miss when you leave here?

Nancy: All my wonderful Saint Lucian friends! Then there’s the fresh, tropical fruit and, oh yes, the lack of snow!

TT: What do you take away when you leave?

Nancy: Besides plenty of wonderful memories, I don’t get on that plane without a bottle of Chairman’s Reserve rum and some virgin coconut oil.

TT: Thanks Nancy. Enjoy your time here.

Nancy: I always do – nothing beats being in Saint Lucia.