Lucians love to eat! And between meals we like to snack! Here are some of our local treats that we like to nibble on when we are feeling peckish or just in the mood for something that tastes good.

Cocoa Tea

This is our Caribbean version of a hot chocolate drink. It is almost never, ever served without hot bakes. Although it’s a favourite drink for a weekend breakfast or on overcast, stormy days, all local breakfast vendors sell it daily. It’s made with grated cocoa from locally made cocoa sticks and is boiled with cinnamon bark, nutmeg and star anise. Sometimes flour and arrowroot (toloma) is used to thicken the beverage.

Tamarind Balls

Every kid spends their school allowance on this delicious snack. It’s simply dried tamarind stripped from its shell and strings that’s then been rolled with sugar (some have extra ingredients) into a ball. When done right it’s tangy and sweet in equal parts.

Coconut Balls

These come in bright colours and look more like decorations than food. They’re actually hardly anything more than dry, grated coconut with a bit of food colouring.

Local Fudge

Our fudge is basically like the sugar candy you’d buy in any other country but here in Saint Lucia you’re likely to find the flavouring enhanced with ginger or coconut. Usually we don’t include corn syrup and cream but stick to local ingredients. It’s less sweet and has a surprising twist.

Guava Cheese

For a small snack, this takes some effort to make, hence why it’s harder to find and a bit pricey. But it’s worth the preparation because you experience a delicious ‘pop’ of guava when you eat it. The name? Well, the only relation to cheese is that the sticky food is cut into small blocks. If you can’t get it from a street vendor, you can easily get it at a supermarket.

  Diabetics should check about the above-mentioned foods affecting their system.