One thing that Scuba Steve’s Dive Shop can boast is its superb location at Harmony Marina Suites in the heart of Rodney Bay.

On its own, the resort embodies the quaint yet natually luxurious charm for which Saint Lucia is famous, and Steve’s Dive Shop is just a short walk down its halls. After completing the required paperwork, divers make their way to the boat docked outside the shop — convenient and ideal for the eager adventurer.


Expect an enjoyable boatride with an attentive captain and dive masters who encourage you to sit where it’s safe — as it can get bumpy — yet ideal for breathtaking views of the island. After quick and simple training sessions in the boat and sea, new divers (along with the certified) would quickly realize that, just as colourful flora and fauna give that feeling of paradise on land, things are quite similar underwater!

   Scuba Steve’s Dive Shop frequents nearly eighteen different marine reserve dive sites around Saint Lucia, from the south of the island up to the north. Amongst the most popular spots are the Pitons, Anse Cochon and Pigeon Island, all of which are along the island’s west coast.


Beautiful coral aside, on your nearly 45 minute long dives, you can expect to see an array of sea life: sergeant majors, parrot fish, yellow tail snapper, blue tangs, trumpet fish, flounders, scorpion fish, eels, clown fish, damsel fish, lobsters, crabs, octopus, sea horses and frog fish.


Divers are generally offered two dives. In between you’ll be treated to true local hospitality in the form of complimentary fruits, snacks and lunch on board the boat. Local fishermen may even swim up at a rest point with samples of dry coconut.

   We also recommend kicking back and chatting with local dive masters and snorkel guides as nothing spells a good trip like quality time with locals. Spoiler alert: some of them were introduced to diving as young boys and girls when they’d dive into the sea gearless, with the older fisherfolk in their families. But nothing beats a firsthand account!


Scuba Steve’s offers a wide array of services for first timers (minimum age 8) through to experts. Discover scuba diving, snorkeling, various dive packages, PADI certification, qualifying at instructor level, a dive and drive tour, and cruise ship diving, with free pick-up and drop-off from your hotel.



Telephone: (758) 450 9433, mobile: 489 0411