Marigot Bay is, by far, one of Saint Lucia’s most picturesque attractions. American author James A. Michener argued that it is “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean”. We certainly agree!


This gorgeous spot on the west coast has previously been called Marigot Roseau, Port du Marigot and Marigot de Roseaux. The bay played an important role in our island’s rich history. In 1778, British and French armed forces battled over control of Saint Lucia. Admiral Samuel Barrington led the British against French admiral Count d’Estaing. The Brits successfully eluded their foes by bringing the fleet into the bay and covering the vessels with palm fronds; it was a successful disguise! The British would go on to regain control over the country which eventually changed hands between those two European nations fourteen times.


The area is a hotspot for tourism with numerous bars and restaurants, from the upmarket Marigot Bay Resort and Marina to the casual Cara’s Kitchen and Hassy’s Waterside Bar.

   En route to the beach are numerous viewpoints of the entire bay. One is Julietta’s, the open-air restaurant perched on a hillside, where you can grab a bite and take in the stunning scenery. 

   The secluded beach is accessible by ferry (unless you’re up to the challenge of swimming to it!) and serves as the perfect getaway spot. There you can dine at the beachside restaurant DOOlittle’s, get handcrafted souvenirs or simply lie on a beach chair and bask in the sun while watching boats sail by. You can also venture out with Dive Fair Helen’s diving and snorkeling tours.


In 1967, scenes of the classic film Doctor Dolittle were filmed on the beach. Starring Rex Harrison in the lead role, many Saint Lucians found temporary employment playing the role of natives. Part of the shell of the giant pink snail is now on the wall of DOOlittle’s.