Pawasol Pour Ti Mamai is a registered charity that provides underprivileged children in Saint Lucia with the opportunity to reach their goals and enrich their lives. The organisation’s  main focus is enabling children to attend school regularly and supporting them throughout their school lives. When possible, it also assists children with urgent or chronic medical needs which are often beyond the financial means of their families.

Fund-raising activities have included quizzes and sponsored walks plus the publication of a cookbook, calendars and Christmas cards. An annual pop-up charity shop has been so successful that this summer the charity opened its own shop in the grounds near Coconutz in Rodney Bay. Items for sale have all been donated and include clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories and household items at bargain prices. The shop is open every Friday from 10 a.m – 2 p.m and every first Saturday of the month from 6 a.m – to 12 noon.

   The charity appreciates the support of donors and customers but also seeks volunteers to help in the shop. So, consider getting involved in some worthwhile community work while on vacation and, at the end of your holiday, lighten the load in your luggage and donate items you no longer need.

If you’d like to find out more or become a member/volunteer, email or check out their Facebook page.