Meet Michael Green:

Sailor, Olympian, owner of Endless Summer Cruises and Southern Breeze luxury catamaran, and one of Tropical Traveller’s earliest advertisers. He has even featured as one of our cover stars!

The Early Days

Michael grew up in the UK and has been proud to call Saint Lucia his home for three decades. He started sailing at the age of 10, a hobby that turned into a passion, a business and a lifestyle. In the late 70s he and a friend and their families decided to sell up, buy a boat and spend a few years sailing around the world. Naturally they were drawn to the Caribbean with its warm climate and beautiful islands.

Settling in Saint Lucia

Michael feels very much at home on the water but he was finally drawn back land-side when he was offered a job in marine construction here in Saint Lucia. Projects included completion of the initial Rodney Bay Marina and Pointe Seraphine in Castries. He then moved to Barbados, where his employer was based, and while building the fishing harbour observed the thriving catamaran culture there. Recognizing that no such business operated on this island, Michael seized the opportunity and, in 1988, established the sailing company Cats (1995) Ltd. that now operates as Endless Summer Cruises and Southern Breeze luxury catamaran tours.

The Olympic Games

Sailing is Michael’s competitive sport, one at which he excelled in the UK, winning National and European Championships. While living in Barbados he accepted an invitation to represent that country at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul in the Two Man Star event. He then repeated the feat and was the first ever sailor to qualify for an Olympic event representing Saint Lucia for the 1996 Atlanta Games in the single handed Laser, hence his photo that year on the cover of Tropical Traveller.

The Lure of Saint Lucia

When asked about the changes in Saint Lucia over the past thirty years, Michael was quick to answer: “On the boat side, the whole marina has been vastly improved, now that we have IGY Rodney Bay Marina with the better docks and facilities. It’s great for the yachts coming in and for people like myself working here in the boating industry.”

As for what keeps Michael in Saint Lucia,

he readily admits that the weather is an important part but emphasizes: “I am a sailor at heart so I relish being out on the water, but I also love the mountains so here I have the best of both worlds. Saint Lucia is not too built up, not too commercial. It’s like living in a village — you easily make friends with fellow Saint Lucians and visitors alike.

Favourite Spots To ‘Lime’

Over the years Michael has, naturally, been to most bars and restaurants on the island. We were curious about his current favourite places to hang out. “I love Indian food so I like going to Spice of India [in Rodney Bay]. I also enjoy visiting Cap Maison — Cliff at Cap for a special occasion and the Naked Fisherman down on the beach. As for bars, I can often be found at Rodney Bay Marina as it has a good choice of bars and restaurants but I also like Jam Rock and The Rodney Bay Pub House.

Enjoying Saint Lucia from the Sea

Michael believes that one of the best ways to enjoy Saint Lucia is sailing its waters. The two good quality catamarans presently operated by Endless Summer Cruises make regular tours along the coast with stops for swimming, snorkeling and tourist attractions.

For those looking for a five-star experience when sailing,

Southern Breeze is the perfect choice for families and small groups. Tailor-made tours provide clients with comfort and class. By chartering the boat for a full day, half day or romantic sunset cruise, you spend your time living like a millionaire. Southern Breeze is based at The Landings where Michael is the Sales Director for real estate at the resort.

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