“It’s been ages since I had special reason to visit the fun town that is Gros Islet. Recent guests at the Airbnb here on the premises of Star Publishing persuaded me that the short trip would be well worth it. I was not disappointed! My old haunts were still doing a roaring trade and new bars and restaurants, like Rhumba, had opened up. Many play music that is a mix of reggae and soca; all offer a warm welcome.

Gros Islet oozes quaintness but the food is always an attraction. It’s a mix of local dishes and the type of meals that Moms cook – prepared with love and meant to satisfy. Duke’s, just across the road from the sea, has been operating for years. It still serves the freshest grilled fish and lambi but, be warned, there is only one size portion, and it’s huge! The best part is that the prices, like most places in Gros Islet, won’t make a dent in your wallet. Pop in on a Friday night when the street party offers an experience altogether unique. See you there, fellow sybarites!”

Mae, Publisher

“Every month in Saint Lucia offers something special for visitors and locals alike. One of the highlights on the calendar is the Jazz Festival which attracts fans from all over the world. I love that on this little island you can find yourself enjoying the music of, say, a South American performer while rubbing shoulders with a Canadian, a European, even a Kiwi and, naturally, a lot of Lucians; and we’re all drawn together by the shared love of music.

The other big musical event over the summer is Carnival, but it’s way more than music — it’s colour, costumes, dancing, energy, excitement! It’s a true Caribbean party that every visitor should experience.

Whatever brings you to Saint Lucia, be it Jazz, Carnival, your wedding or simply a vacation, we wish you magical moments and lasting happiness!”

Doretta, Editor

“Whenever I visit somewhere new in Saint Lucia I always think of how I would share it with TT’s readers. Even the excitement of being a newlywed doesn’t distract me! My husband and I honeymooned here (of course!) and we spent a few weeks in Soufriere discovering some hidden treasures of scenery and cuisine that I don’t understand how I’d missed before. From the rustic experience of Crystals Villas and an all-you-can-eat buffet at The Beacon, to the beautiful prayer sanctuary at Maranatha Gardens or standing between the Pitons on the Tet Paul Nature Trail, Soufriere always reminds me of why people keep coming back to visit.

Moving to the north of the island, the cover photo (that’s me!) was shot in Gros Islet where hubby and I were both raised and where we began our life together. Gros Islet is famous for the Friday night street party but it’s also quite possibly the place in Saint Lucia with the most coconut vendors.

To everybody visiting Saint Lucia, but especially other honeymooners, I wish you a wonderful, memorable vacation.”

Claudia, Contributing Writer