We met this happy couple on top of Pigeon Island. TT: Hello! What brings you to the island?

Neil: We came to meet friends with a boat and we all agreed that Saint Lucia would be a great place to spend some time before we set sail around the islands.

TT: What have you seen and done?

Anneke: We spent the first few days relaxing at Coconut Bay in the south. We hired a car and explored Soufriere where we had lunch overlooking the Pitons. Then we visited the Diamond Botanical Gardens and waterfall. It was serene!

TT: What do you think of Rodney Bay?

Anneke: It’s a lively and friendly place, with so much on the doorstep. We are spoilt for choice with restaurants and bars.

TT: Which are your favourites?

Neil: Razmataz is excellent for Indian food while the pizzas at Elena’s in the marina are really good. The Cockpit Bar at Harmony Suites is a truly welcoming and homely bar where we can catch up on footballing events on the big screen.

TT: What local food and drinks have you tried?

Neil: We’re consuming a lot of Piton beer, and local chicken stew is a staple core to our diet. The two make a perfect combination.

TT: What will be your best memory of the island?

Anneke: Undoubtedly the great people we are meeting. Hopefully we will stay in touch and return in the not too distant future.