Here at TT we are a mix of meat eaters and vegetarians but none of us could get our head around the idea of a tour that involved picking the produce for your own lunch, then preparing it yourself and finally sitting down to eat it. Well, the I-Tal experience at BodyHoliday caused us to swallow not only our vegetarian food, but our words. It was amazingly interesting and extraordinarily fun!

As close to your food source as you’ll ever be!

As we walked through the resort grounds and up to the organic garden, our guide Damian explained the idea behind I-Tal: obtaining essential nutrients from Mother Earth as directly as possible. The I-Tal experience is about eating fresh produce in the healthiest way while leaving the softest footprint on earth. 

The organic garden at BodyHoliday is a marvel, with an amazing array of fruits, vegetables, beans, ground produce and herbs, many of which are served in the resort restaurants. Every plant and tree is tended with care and respect — crops are rotated so that the soil is not depleted of nutrients; the symbiosis of plants is taken into consideration so that they help each other, and wildlife, to thrive, and beneficial insects are encouraged.

Pick and prep

Damian and Ratoya, the Garden Supervisor, soon had us cutting beans, snipping leaves, picking ripe tomatoes and selecting fruits that had been kissed by the Saint Lucian sun. But that sun was hot so it was a relief to learn that the garden team had already harvested some of the ingredients for our lunch, and we could proceed to the kitchen area to assist with the prepping. 

Donning white aprons we pared, sliced and chatted. This was like helping Mom in the kitchen when we had been little — it was all fun and not at all like work, especially as the kitchen team did all the actual cooking.

Time for lunch

Incredibly, the team served a five-course lunch that was a pleasure for the eyes, tongue and belly. With crisps and dips, salad, soup, an entree and a dessert, we were sated! The meal will vary depending on what is in season but, having experienced I-Tal, the one aspect that Tropical Traveller can happily confirm is that it will be satisfying for the palate and the brain.

  I-Tal at BodyHoliday 

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