Fond Doux Plantation & Resort in Soufriere has been lovingly restored and respectfully expanded by its Saint Lucian owners. An eco-luxury resort that is best known for its romantic cottages, it has garnered a plethora of awards. 

The history

In the 19th century, Fond Doux Estate was a plantation growing a range of crops including coffee, sugarcane, cocoa, cotton, nutmeg and bananas, but the golden years of agriculture did not last and the estate declined and was eventually abandoned. It was rescued by the present owners, Eroline and Lyton Lamontagne, who share a deep-rooted passion for, and pride in, their roots and Saint Lucian culture. They vowed to return the plantation to glory and commenced the arduous task of restoration, developing the grounds organically and replanting fruit trees and plants. Over the years they renovated the main building, added cottages, two on-site restaurants, swimming pools, a gym, organic spa, gift shop, chocolate shop and wedding gazebo. Now Fond Doux is a pocket of paradise!

The cottages

The fifteen unique cottages are preserving the island’s architectural heritage. Originally located elsewhere, and with structures often neglected, they were carefully dismantled and brought to Fond Doux where they were reassembled, ensuring that the buildings work in harmony with nature. Considerations such as aligning windows and balconies with the rising and setting of the sun, and with wind direction, not only optimize guest enjoyment, but reduce the need for lighting and air conditioning.

Even though the accommodations are slices of history, guests will be delighted with the quality amenities and the furniture, all of which has been made by local craftspeople.

The Saint Lucian hallmark

A wide range of fresh fruit, vegetables, ground provisions and spices is grown at Fond Doux and served to guests, with the Bamboo Restaurant offering a “plantation to plate” Creole experience. The resort works with local suppliers including artists, entertainers and craftspeople. The gift shop is stocked with goods that are locally made. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are hired from local communities, and Fond Doux makes charitable donations to neighbourhood schools and organisations.

Eco Initiatives

Eco-tourism was a central theme at Fond Doux before it became an international trend. In addition to farming organically and engaging in true eco-building practices, the conservation of energy and water is standard, and the general policy is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Single-use plastics have been banned from the site. In recognition of these efforts, the resort is Green Globe certified. 

Fond Doux has come a long way on its road to being an eco-luxury resort but it has always been true to its humble beginnings.

 Fond Doux Plantation & Resort


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